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Taking VIP Treatment To The Next Level

October 11, 2021by Barbara Flynn0

Customized and personalized service can make all the difference when it comes to acquiring new and retaining current clients. Clients who are looking for customized and personalized service appreciate the VIP treatment and prefer it over the cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach that is offered by some other organizations.

People First offers VIP service to its clients and always focuses on “Where everything starts and ends with People”. While the personal connection to our clients is of utmost importance to us, we believe in the small things and gestures that can create Wow Moments to achieve ultimate effects on the VIP treatment. Wow Moments take VIP treatment to the next level.

A few weeks ago, I spoke with the wife of a payroll client’s employee. She and her husband prepared to purchase a house for the first time, a huge personal event for the small family. In the conversation, she mentioned the date of the scheduled house closing, and I made note of that date as well as her cell number from which she called me. A few days after the closing date passed, I called her on her cell phone. She was surprised to receive my call. “Congratulations on the house!” was my response when she said their closing took place as planned. That was the purpose of my call. She was so surprised and baffled that I remembered and called her; it made her speechless for a few seconds.

We laughed and ended the phone call on a very pleasant note. My goal was accomplished; I created a Wow Moment for her. I imagined that she would tell her husband, and her husband would tell his boss, our client. That would close the loop that started with the plan to create this Wow Moment. Creating such moments is easy. Paying attention to details, actively listening to your clients, and learning what is on their minds provides the information needed to create Wow Moments down the road. A quick note written down and set up as a reminder for a specific day will help with accomplishing this task.

Wow Moments make our clients happy – and when our clients are happy, it makes us happy.

Marlies McKie

Barbara Flynn

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