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Month: April 2022

Job descriptions tell you what the knowledge, the skills and the abilities are, which enables you to go out and look at the market. This enables you to  compare like jobs with like jobs when you want to determine what you’re going to pay for a particular job.   Without a job description, you’re not really...

Just like an employee handbook, job descriptions can be used evaluate an employee.  Are they living up to the general duties required of them.  It can also be used as a defense when making a decision to terminate an employee for poor performance.   Without a job description, the employer doesn’t have a defense against any...

A job description is a written document that summarizes each job in an organization, describes the duties of the job, lists the knowledge, skills and abilities required to do the job, and describes the working conditions and physical demands of the job. Are they necessary? Absolutely. As with any policy, rule or procedure in an...

Profitability is defined as the degree to which a business or activity yields profit or financial gain. I can share with you that for many years, while working for a previous business, that’s just how the owners operated.  They never thought about the future, they just wanted to see money in the bank, that bills...

I have several clients in multiple states.  We have one master handbook that is considered the master. Then we have state-specific amendments to the handbook for each state that the employer has employees. State employment laws and requirements change periodically and so it is critical to have someone who is on top of these changes...

The answer is yes! Even the smallest business of say two or more employees should have an employee handbook. Employee handbooks are critical for many different reasons. First, it’s a communication tool for the employees to know what’s expected of them. It tells them about pay cycles and other payroll matters, time off policies, hours...

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