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Month: April 2024

The world is evolving. We have, as I said earlier, artificial intelligence. What we need to do is we need to determine what our skills are right now, where are we going in the future, what are our needs going to be, and then what do we do to get those new skills that we...

Well, mental health is part of the health care benefit. That’s a law. So, when you talk about, you know, are we going to offer that or not, if you offer a medical plan, mental health is treated just like any other illness. So, offering that medical plan would be the way to offer mental...

Often, business owners ask, “What is a Job Description?” Job Descriptions are written documents that define each position in the company. They are the core of every position in an organization. Job descriptions are helpful because: It makes recruiting for the position easy. It would be difficult to determine compensation for the position. It is the best...

I think we need to promote and educate our employees on their future. For example, I also promote having employees get involved in a simple IRA plan or 401k plan. I always say even if I touch one 20-year-old to get enrolled in a program like that, they will be set for life because if...

So the traditional benefits are people are expecting their medical dental vision. In this day and age, with the demands and the needs of individuals, they’re changing. There’s what’s called cafeteria plans, meaning that you offer a variety of benefits to an employee. There’s a dollar limit that you may set and say, these are...

How does an organization survey its customers to see if they are truly appearing to be what their vision and mission is? I would use a third party to do a survey and ask, you know, have that third party who knows what they’re doing, ask the right questions to see if that company is...

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