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Month: June 2023

One of the mistakes I’ve seen employers make when calculating overtime in a biweekly pay period is to look at the total of 80 hours rather than looking at each week of work separately. For example, if someone works 32 hours one week and 48 hours a second week, they will not pay overtime because...

Conducting safety meetings in the workplace is crucial for promoting a safe and healthy working environment. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to conduct an effective safety meeting: Plan ahead: Determine the frequency and duration of your safety meetings. Create a schedule and communicate it to employees in advance so they can plan their participation...

Workers’ compensation premiums can be a confusing calculation to business owners. There are several factors that are considered while doing this calculation. First, each job is assigned a specific classification code. Each job code has a different rate and is determined by industry standards. Next, the total amount of payroll for each job code is...

Clear communication is essential for effective management and fostering a positive work environment. Here are some tips for improving communication with your employees: Be transparent: Share information openly and honestly with your employees. Keep them informed about company updates, goals, and any changes that may affect them. Transparency builds trust and helps employees feel more...

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