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Month: November 2022

Most people are familiar with the issue of Sexual Harassment.  While many employees often joke about the issue, it is a very serious problem for employers.  The number of sexual harassment cases reported each year is alarmingly high.  Sexual Harassment can be very detrimental to the company, its employees and to the employee’s family and...

There are different ways adults learn and it is important to have training programs that work for all types of learners. The three types of learners are those who learn from listening, others learn from seeing/reading and others learn from doing. I have found that having written procedures that are accompanied with a video show...

At this time of year many people are asked “What Are You Thankful For”. I’d like to share my thoughts on this. First and foremost, I am thankful for my faith. Without my faith, I would not have anything. My faith in God and knowing that He is in control of my life gives me...

You get a letter from an employer looking for a reference on a former employee, what should you do? It’s best to have an HR professional respond to the letter for you. While it is recommended that you only verify job title and dates of employment, there are some situations where you need to report...

What happens if you haven’t paid taxes in many years? Are you going to jail? No, but you do need to take action. We specialize in helping businesses get their information together so that a tax professional can work with the IRS to get you current with little or no penalties. Our goal is to...

Our workforce is comprised of employees who possess varied work styles, disabilities or who represent different cultures or generations.  It is so important for us to understand that we are all different and that workplace diversity should foster mutual respect among each other. We never want any of our staff to be marginalized due to...

Attrition is a metric that shows your turnover rate. This metric will tell you a lot. Attrition rates vary depending upon the industry you are in. Knowing what the rate is in your industry is important. High attrition rates can indicate a poor culture, lack of good communication, low salary/wages just to name a few....

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