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Significance In Simple Moments



When I recently watched a movie, there was a scene where the main actor entered a bar. The bartender approached his guest and asked him, “Can I get you the usual, Sir?” “Yes, the usual please” was the response. This scene got me thinking about how we treat our clients, what their expectations are, and...

My wait time in the doctor’s office was a little longer because I arrived 25 minutes prior to my appointment time. While I waited, I observed the two staff members checking in the patients. They greeted everyone who walked in with, “How are you?” “How are you?” is part of our cultural standard greeting. Usually,...

What is a #Job Description? Job Descriptions are written documents that define each position in the company.  They are the core of every position in an organization.  Job descriptions are helpful because: it makes recruiting for the position easy It would be difficult to determine compensation for the position. It is the best way to...

I received an interesting letter in the mail the other day that specifically stated that People First, my company, was not in compliance with my Labor Law Poster.  This disturbed me because as an HR Professional with over 40 years of experience, I knew I was in compliance with the Law.  That got me thinking...

This is a true story: A business owner wanted to hire a Kitchen Manager for his restaurant. The resume looked promising with the applicant having over ten years of culinary, restaurant and management experience. The interview went great and the applicant impressed the owner with his charismatic appearance. The owner performed the reference checks and...

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