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Month: February 2022

Every Monday, one of the leaders in my networking group shares a positive quote to inspire us at the start of the workweek.  I look forward to them as it is a shot in the arm to get me started. Many of you know that I am a huge football fan.  While an avid Dolphin...

While driving on the Interstate, a rock hit the edge of my car’s hood. It chipped away some paint, and I wanted to touch it up. I went to the parts store, provided the VIN, and the sales rep said, “Today is your lucky day; I have that color in stock.” I paid for my...

When it comes to urgent requests, we are pretty much all in the same boat. There is always someone who needs something urgently. And when we ask for the date when this is needed, the answer is, “I need this to be done yesterday!” I remember seeing in a company’s show room the sign saying...

Safety is so important in any organization.  I subscribe to Weeklysafety.com and received these important tips that I wanted to share in this blog: Set Safety & Health as a Top Priority. Tell your workers that making sure they finish the day and go home safely is the way you do business. Assure them that...

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