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Do You Recommend Conducting Background Checks?



Change is a constant in our lives, as we know all too well. There is good change and bad change. Sometimes, we can prepare ourselves for upcoming change. And sometimes, it hits us out of the blue with no opportunity to prepare for it. The latter is not giving us much choice in the game;...

There are many different types of employment applications. Your first step is to ensure the application is not asking questions that could get you in trouble. Second, you want to make sure you are gathering enough information to make a sound decision on whether you want to pursue the applicant. You don’t want to waste...

With unemployment being so low and the fact that it is an employee market, we find it even tougher to find good, qualified employees. How can we attract qualified applicants? By having well thought-out and well written employment ads. It starts with a current, accurate job description. You also want the ad to reflect your...

Unemployment is federally mandated, but state administered. What does that mean? Each state’s unemployment is handled differently. It is important for employers to know their state’s rules and how unemployment works. If an employer is opening their business up into a new state, they must register with that state and follow their guidelines. Rates also...

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