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Linking Outside The Box



Yes – you are reading the title of this blog correctly: “Linking” Outside the Box. It is not a typo. In fact, it was our CEO during a team meeting when she misspoke the word “thinking” as “linking” outside the box. The moment she said it, it struck me as a great topic to share...

Last week, my company had its quarterly planning session.  As part of the session, we analyze the previous quarter to see how we did.  We review the goals we set and determine the success we saw as a result of those goals.  We are so proud of the fact that we were able to accomplish...

Last month I began this series about Human Resources and its Body of Knowledge.  Today I am continuing this series with Job Descriptions.  Job Descriptions are a necessary tool in Human Resources.  We use them for recruiting, compensation, worker’s compensation, unemployment compensation and most importantly liability prevention. I’d like to share with you a recent...

Our workforce is comprised of employees who possess varied work styles, disabilities or who represent different cultures or generations.  It is so important for us to understand that we are all different and that workplace diversity should foster mutual respect among each other. We never want any of our staff to be marginalized due to...

My sister sent this to me the other day, and it really hit home.  So many of us are dealing with the impact that Covid has had on our mental health, and we need to face it head on. We cannot continue to keep saying, “I’m okay,” because many of us are not.  There are...

Commander Data is a character from the famous StarTrek series. Data is an android and respective member of the star ship Enterprise leadership crew. Data is on the continuing quest to learn as much as possible about human behavior, including feelings. His ultimate goal is to become human as best as he can, given the...

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