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My sister sent this to me the other day, and it really hit home.  So many of us are dealing with the impact that Covid has had on our mental health, and we need to face it head on. We cannot continue to keep saying, “I’m okay,” because many of us are not.  There are...

Commander Data is a character from the famous StarTrek series. Data is an android and respective member of the star ship Enterprise leadership crew. Data is on the continuing quest to learn as much as possible about human behavior, including feelings. His ultimate goal is to become human as best as he can, given the...

When I recently watched a movie, there was a scene where the main actor entered a bar. The bartender approached his guest and asked him, “Can I get you the usual, Sir?” “Yes, the usual please” was the response. This scene got me thinking about how we treat our clients, what their expectations are, and...

Your head is pounding, your mind is racing, the phone is ringing off the hook while you are trying for the fourth time to finish an email with an important order. At the same time, you get a text message from your coworker who desperately needs your help with a project. And on top of...

There is much talk and reading material on working in a positive team environment and the importance of a healthy team for the business. When the team is in sync and works well together, it affects the bottom line as well. Clients feel first-hand when the team members are treating them in a happy, friendly...

Part of a project I was working on was to obtain the price of a particular service. I contacted a vendor who already provided us with similar services, and it took two online chats and three emails in which I repeated my question about the price to finally receive the answer. In another situation, I...

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