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Month: August 2022

I have been teaching HR at a local university for over 18 years and whenever I discuss overtime pay calculation, my students, who are HR professionals, are surprised. You see, the Department of Labor determines how overtime is calculated and what needs to be included in the calculation. There are items you may not be...

Worker’s Compensation rates are set by the specific type of work the employee does. There are codes assigned to each type of job. Rates are then set based on the historical activity regarding injuries in each job code. Underwriters then look at the specific industry and the employer to see what their experience is and...

Yes, you do. Worker’s Compensation is like Unemployment, it is federally mandated but state administered. Know what your laws are in the states in which you have employees. Some states require worker’s comp once you have so many employees. For the protection of the business, I recommend getting it even with one employee. You don’t...

Like so many of you, my personal life is based on a semi-balanced routine. I get up, let the dogs out, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, get off the job, let the dogs out, make dinner, play with the dogs, go to bed, and then start all over again in the morning....

Under the doctrine of negligent hiring, an employer is liable for harm its employees inflict on third parties when the employer knew or should have known of the employee’s potential risk to cause harm, or if the risk would have been discovered by a reasonable investigation. Negligent retention occurs when an employer fails to take...

Do you remember the last time when you encountered someone who was just plain rude to you? I remember my last encounter very well. I went to a store and could not find the product I was looking for. I asked an associate who shrugged his shoulders and answered that he didn’t know. That he...

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