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Okay, so having a company-wide health goal, promoting wellness, promoting a healthy environment, healthy for the employees, different ways to do that would be to offer gym memberships. There are a lot of gyms will work with employers to give huge discounts so the employer can get that membership for the employee and promote wellness.

Choosing People First, Inc. for benefits administration could be beneficial for several reasons:   Experience and Expertise: People First, Inc. may have a track record of providing comprehensive benefits administration services. Their experience and expertise in managing employee benefits can instill confidence in their ability to handle complex tasks efficiently.   Customization: They might offer...

By Kathy Gurchiek   Looking to attract younger workers to your organization? Pay attention to your retirement benefits. Nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of 2,518 undergraduate students surveyed said they wouldn’t accept a job that didn’t include an employer-administered 401(k) or similar benefit, according to a recent Handshake report.   Time off and health care coverage...

What are my thoughts on stipends? I think they’re great. Small businesses really can’t afford to provide health insurance. It’s too expensive. So, I have a lot of clients that are small businesses that offer a health insurance stipend. They pay $500 a month, they pay the employee through payroll, so it’s not on the...

Is it important to know from an employment perspective what the employee’s goals are? If you are an employer who wants to promote the right culture, I would say you want to be familiar with what direction your employees want to take, what their goals are so that you can help them accomplish it. Because...

Benefits administration refers to the process of managing employee benefits offered by an organization. These benefits can include health insurance, retirement plans, paid time off, wellness programs, and various other perks provided to employees as part of their compensation package.   Benefits administration involves tasks such as enrollment, managing employee data related to benefits, ensuring...

Are small businesses overusing independent contractor status? Absolutely. Small businesses owners or individuals, not necessarily owners, even folks that are working think that they can be an independent contractor just because they want to be an independent contractor. There are rules that are established by the IRS that determine whether someone’s an independent contractor. It’s...

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