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We all know the feeling of being overwhelmed as things are piling up in our inbox, to-do list, and our plate in general. And there are other projects that we’ve been looking forward to doing but cannot get to them. If we could, we would just do them all at the same time, right? It...

Like so many of you, my personal life is based on a semi-balanced routine. I get up, let the dogs out, shower, get dressed, eat breakfast, go to work, get off the job, let the dogs out, make dinner, play with the dogs, go to bed, and then start all over again in the morning....

Do you remember the last time when you encountered someone who was just plain rude to you? I remember my last encounter very well. I went to a store and could not find the product I was looking for. I asked an associate who shrugged his shoulders and answered that he didn’t know. That he...

Change is a constant in our lives, as we know all too well. There is good change and bad change. Sometimes, we can prepare ourselves for upcoming change. And sometimes, it hits us out of the blue with no opportunity to prepare for it. The latter is not giving us much choice in the game;...

Today I’d like to talk about the disciplinary process and its importance. I typically will get a phone call from a business owner who would like to terminate an employee for cause but waited too long.  I don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why I’d like to have this conversation with you.  My...

On this video, I’d like to discuss with you Unemployment and how it works.  Unemployment is federally mandated but is state administered and so it does vary from state to state. Unemployment taxes are paid 100% by the employer.  The employee never pays the unemployment tax.  There is both a federal tax and a state...

When is the last time you reviewed your employee handbook?  Do you even have an employee handbook?  The following is a list of must-haves in your handbook: With COVID being a hot topic right now, what do you have in your employee handbook regarding vaccinations and documentation. Mask requirements.    Employee absences related to COVID...

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