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How Detailed Do I Need To Make Job Descriptions?

April 17, 2024by Barbara Flynn0

The level of detail in a job description can significantly influence the quality and relevance of applicants you attract. A well-detailed job description not only helps potential candidates understand the role and its requirements but also aids in filtering applicants who do not meet the criteria. However, too much detail can overwhelm candidates or discourage qualified individuals who might think they don’t meet every single listed requirement. Here are some guidelines to help you determine the right level of detail:


  1. Job Title
  • Detail Needed: Clear and precise, reflecting the role accurately without being overly complicated or filled with internal jargon.
  1. Company Overview
  • Detail Needed: A brief overview that highlights the company’s mission, culture, and industry. Enough to give candidates a feel for the company environment but concise.
  1. Role Summary
  • Detail Needed: A concise overview that captures the essence of what the job entails and its importance to the company.
  1. Key Responsibilities
  • Detail Needed: Detailed enough to outline the primary duties without listing every possible task. Aim for 5-10 key responsibilities that encompass the core work.
    • Be specific about what the job entails on a day-to-day basis.
    • Use clear, understandable language.
  1. Required Skills and Qualifications
  • Detail Needed: Clearly distinguish between must-have skills and nice-to-have skills.
    • For must-have skills, be as specific as necessary to ensure candidates understand the minimum requirements.
    • For nice-to-haves, provide enough detail to encourage candidates with these additional skills to apply, but make it clear these are not mandatory.
  1. Preferred Skills and Experience
  • Detail Needed: Offer insights into what could make a candidate stand out without making the list so exhaustive that it deters good candidates who might not meet every criterion.
  1. Benefits and Compensation
  • Detail Needed: Be transparent about the salary range, benefits (like health insurance, retirement plans, etc.), and any unique perks (remote work flexibility, professional development opportunities, etc.).
  • Providing a salary range helps manage expectations and ensures fairness and transparency.
  1. Application Process
  • Detail Needed: Provide a clear explanation of the steps involved in the application process, including any specific requirements (like portfolio submission, assessments, etc.).

General Tips:

  • Balance: Find a balance between providing enough detail to inform and not so much that it becomes overwhelming.
  • Clarity: Use clear, straightforward language that’s easy to understand.
  • Inclusivity: Ensure the description is inclusive, avoiding language that might unintentionally deter diverse applicants.



Ultimately, the goal is to provide a clear, accurate picture of what the job entails and who the company is looking for, without making the description so detailed that it scares away potential candidates or so vague that it attracts unqualified applicants.

Barbara Flynn

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