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A New Beginning At Any Time Of The Year

January 17, 2022by Barbara Flynn0

We are in the last two days of this year, and then 2022 starts. A New Year presents opportunities for a new start in many ways. Whether it is a personal New Year’s resolution or one on the professional level, January 1st has become a magic date.

“I tried to quit eating sweets last New Year on January 1st and could just not stick to it” my neighbor complained. “But I tried it again a few months later when my blood sugar got so high that my doctor said I needed to take insulin if I couldn’t manage to lower my sugar intake. I quit eating sweets that day and haven’t touched a candy since that day.” I thought this was interesting. I know people who were determined to kick certain annoying habits by setting January 1st as their start date, but they were not successful in reaching their goal. So, they stopped trying altogether because they couldn’t make it as of January 1st. “I’ll try again next January 1st.” What?! Are they kidding? They wanted to wait another full year before trying to kick the old habit!

Who says that things must happen or start on January 1st? Although the first day of the year sounds nice, it should not become an excuse when attempts to kick habits fail. And the willingness to wait another full year before trying again makes the personal commitment to kicking the habit questionable. Why not starting February 1st, or March 15th? Why not starting coming Monday?

You get my point: It’s a matter of commitment, not the date of the year. A new beginning of something can happen at any time of the year. Just pick the date and time – and stick to it!

Happy New Year, everyone!

Marlies McKie


Barbara Flynn

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