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Why do employees think when they are exempt, they don’t have to put in the time?

July 26, 2023by Barbara Flynn0

The perception that exempt employees do not have to put in the same amount of time as non-exempt employees may stem from a misunderstanding of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the concept of exempt status. Here are a few reasons why some employees may have this belief:

  1. Salary-based Compensation: Exempt employees are typically paid on a salaried basis, meaning they receive a fixed amount of pay regardless of the number of hours worked. This can create a perception that they are not required to track or account for their time because their compensation is not directly tied to hours worked.
  2. Professional and Managerial Roles: Many exempt positions fall into professional, executive, or managerial categories, where individuals are responsible for overseeing projects, teams, or departments. Due to the nature of their responsibilities, exempt employees may have more flexibility in managing their time and workload, which can be misinterpreted as not needing to adhere to strict work hours.
  3. Lack of Overtime Pay: Exempt employees are exempt from receiving overtime pay under the FLSA. This can lead to the perception that they are not expected to work beyond standard business hours or put in additional time without additional compensation.

However, it’s important to note that exempt employees are still expected to fulfill the job requirements and meet the expectations of their roles. While they may have more flexibility in their schedules, they are generally expected to work the hours necessary to complete their tasks and fulfill their responsibilities. The specific expectations regarding work hours and availability should be communicated clearly by the employer and outlined in the employment contract or company policies.

It is essential for employers to educate their employees about the expectations and responsibilities associated with exempt status to avoid misunderstandings and ensure a productive work environment.


Barbara Flynn

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