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How Do I Build A Job Description?

April 10, 2024by Barbara Flynn0

Building an effective job description involves outlining the essential duties, responsibilities, qualifications, and skills required for a specific role within your organization. A well-crafted job description not only helps in attracting the right candidates but also serves as a foundation for performance evaluations, career development, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating a comprehensive job description:


  1. Job Title
  • Be Specific: Use a precise job title that reflects the nature of the job and the level of seniority.
  • Avoid Jargon: Ensure the title is understandable outside of your organization.
  1. Job Summary
  • Provide an Overview: Begin with a brief summary that encapsulates the main purpose of the job, its primary functions, and where it fits within the organization.
  • Highlight Importance: Explain how the role contributes to the company’s goals and objectives.
  1. Duties and Responsibilities
  • List Key Tasks: Outline the main duties and responsibilities, starting with the most significant. Use clear and concise language.
  • Be Specific: Include how the tasks are to be performed and what outcomes are expected.
  • Use Action Words: Start each point with an action verb to make responsibilities clear (e.g., “Develop,” “Manage,” “Coordinate”).
  1. Qualifications and Skills
  • Education and Experience: Specify the required or preferred educational background, years of experience, and any certifications or licenses.
  • Skill Set: List essential skills and competencies, differentiating between those that are required and those that are desirable. This can include both hard skills (e.g., software proficiency) and soft skills (e.g., communication abilities).
  • Physical Requirements: If applicable, note any physical demands of the job, like the ability to lift a certain weight or stand for extended periods.
  1. Work Environment and Conditions
  • Location and Travel: Mention the primary work location and any travel requirements.
  • Physical Environment: Describe the physical environment (e.g., office setting, outdoors) and any specific conditions (e.g., exposure to elements, use of protective gear).
  1. Reporting Relationships
  • Organizational Structure: Clarify the reporting structure, including who the role reports to and any supervisory responsibilities.
  1. Salary Range and Benefits
  • Compensation: Provide a salary range to manage expectations. It’s also helpful in ensuring equity and transparency.
  • Benefits: Highlight any significant benefits that come with the job, such as health insurance, retirement plans, or work-from-home flexibility.
  1. Equal Opportunity Statement
  • Inclusion: Include a statement affirming your company’s commitment to diversity and equal opportunity in hiring.


Drafting Process Tips

  • Engage Stakeholders: Consult with those currently in the role or closely associated with it for insights into daily tasks and responsibilities.
  • Benchmark: Review job descriptions for similar positions in your industry for reference, ensuring your requirements align with industry standards.
  • Clarity and Conciseness: Use clear, straightforward language to ensure the job description is accessible to all potential applicants.


Review and Update Regularly

Remember, job descriptions should be living documents. Regularly review and update them to reflect any changes in the role, ensuring they remain relevant and accurate over time. This ongoing process helps in maintaining the effectiveness of your hiring practices and the clarity of roles within your organization.

Barbara Flynn

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