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What Exactly is Onboarding

May 2, 2022by People First0

Onboarding is the process of introducing a new hire to the organization.  This is a very important process.  While some people think onboarding is that first day when someone comes to work, it really is a long-term plan for each new hire.  It is a process that can go on for years long-term. It begins with the first day by identifying the organization, it’s structure, who the players are, where the individual fits in and what the mission and the vision is of the organization. Many companies may have the president or CEO address those new hires when they come on board. Of course there is lots of paperwork involved from the usual tax documents, the I-9, pay rate, supervisor, acknowledgement of handbook and job description among many other forms.  Having an assigned team member to show them around; in essence “show them the ropes.  They typically work in the same department and assist in the training process.  Management should monitor the onboarding process to ensure the new employee is on track to be successful.

I know of a company that has a two-week program where every new hire works in every department before they go onto their job that they’d been hired for. So they have a general understanding of the roles of all the people in the organization. 

That is the difference between an onboarding program orientation.  It’s not just hiring somebody and having them fill out their paperwork the first day.

If you have more questions, I suggest consulting with an experienced HR professional.

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