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How Important is a Healthy Workplace?

July 6, 2022by Barbara Flynn0

To me, this is a very important question that needs an honest answer. Do you enjoy what you are doing, and do you enjoy the people that you are working with? I have been in the workforce for well over 40 years, and I can honestly say that for the last 4 years (since I started working with the company that I am now employed with), I have never been happier. I have worked for 3 other companies for long periods of time, and none of them satisfied me or treated me fairly.  While I did enjoy the work that I was doing, the environment that I was surrounded by did not create a healthy workplace. There were no kudos given or pleasant interactions with other employees or bosses. If I gave 100%, they wanted 150%. It was never enough. When my alarm went off in the morning, I would dread going into work.

Now, I don’t even have an alarm set. I wake up and I look forward to going to work. I love my coworkers, and my boss is amazing. She encourages me every step of the way. It makes such a difference to your frame and peace of mind to work with such amazing people. I am still doing the scope of work that I have always done; but now, I truly LOVE my job whereas before, I was just doing my job.

This does make such an incredible difference to your mindset. Everyone should be able to want to go to their place of business with anticipation and not dread.

Barbara Flynn

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