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When developing your core values, you want buy-in, so involve others. If you’re developing core values for a team or organization, involve relevant stakeholders to ensure that the values resonate with the collective identity. If you have more questions, I suggest consulting with an experienced HR professional.

When you’re working on your core values, you want to test for consistency. Ensure your core values are consistent with your actions. They should be reflected in the decisions you make and how you interact with others. If you have more questions, I suggest consulting with an experienced HR professional.

By Kathy Gurchiek   Disaster can strike at any time—whether it’s a hurricane ripping off the roof of one’s house, a catastrophic health issue or some other unexpected hardship. The resulting stress has consequences on employees’ health and well-being, and has impacts for the employer, as well. With a whopping majority (92 percent) of workers worried about...

When looking at your core values, you want to consider context. Think about how your values might be applied in different contexts, such as personal relationships, professional environments, and community interactions. If you have more questions, I suggest consulting with an experienced HR professional.

As you do when you’re developing goals, you want to be specific when you work on your core values. Add specificity to your core values so they’re not too vague. For instance, if respect is a core value, specify whether it applies to respecting individuals, diverse opinions, or the environment. If you have more questions,...

By Kathryn Mayer   Research conducted over the past several months found that although inflation has recently abated, employees’ financial wellness is still suffering. Now, new research goes even further with its main finding: Financial wellness is at an all-time low.   That’s according to Bank of America’s (BoA’s) annual Workplace Benefits Report, which surveyed more...

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