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How Often Should an Employee Handbook be Reviewed?

June 19, 2024by Barbara Flynn0

Reviewing an employee handbook is important to ensure it remains current and compliant with relevant laws, regulations, and company policies. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to how often it should be reviewed, as the frequency can depend on factors such as changes in laws, regulations, company policies, and industry standards. However, here are some general guidelines:

Annual Review: It’s a good practice to conduct a comprehensive review of the employee handbook at least once a year. This allows you to incorporate any updates to employment laws, regulations, or company policies that may have occurred during the year.

Trigger Events: Certain events may trigger the need for an immediate review of the employee handbook. These events could include changes in employment laws or regulations, significant changes in company policies or procedures, or legal challenges related to employment practices.

Periodic Checks: In addition to annual reviews, consider conducting periodic checks of the handbook to ensure that it remains accurate and relevant. This could involve quarterly or semi-annual reviews to catch any minor updates or revisions that may be necessary.

Employee Feedback: Soliciting feedback from employees can also be valuable in identifying areas of the handbook that may need review or clarification. Employees may notice inconsistencies or ambiguities that could be addressed during the review process.

Legal Counsel: Consulting with legal counsel periodically can help ensure that the employee handbook remains compliant with relevant laws and regulations. Legal counsel can provide guidance on any changes that may be necessary to address new legal developments.

Training and Communication: Whenever the handbook is updated, it’s important to communicate these changes to employees and provide any necessary training on updated policies or procedures. This helps ensure that employees are aware of their rights and responsibilities.

By conducting regular reviews of the employee handbook, you can help ensure that it remains an effective tool for communicating company policies, procedures, and expectations to employees, while also helping to mitigate legal risks associated with non-compliance.

Barbara Flynn

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