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The Usual Please

July 5, 2021by Barbara Flynn0

When I recently watched a movie, there was a scene where the main actor entered a bar. The bartender approached his guest and asked him, “Can I get you the usual, Sir?” “Yes, the usual please” was the response. This scene got me thinking about how we treat our clients, what their expectations are, and how we provide our services.

Especially clients who have been with us for a long time trust us in that we know in advance what they need and how we can help them with those needs. Many times, my phone rings and I recognize the client’s name on the display. It is payroll processing time, and it is that time of the day when we briefly check in and confirm that the payroll data was received, and everything is in order for timely processing. Before the client even has to ask the question, I already have the answer and as such – prepared- I answer the phone, “Yes, we are all set. Is there anything else that I can help you with today?” This usually wows my clients. They are amazed that I anticipate their needs and reason for the call, making the conversation concise and completely easy-going, not minding going two extra miles for them if there is anything else that they need help with.

The rapport is excellent and our well working client relationships are nurtured with occasional checking-in phone calls to see how they are doing or Thank You cards, which we hand-write thanking them for being such valuable clients to us and how much we appreciate them. Our clients mean everything to us; they are a part of us. It is a wonderful client relationship that is rewarding and fulfilling at the same time, because it makes everything personal and friendly, like family. It emphasizes that we are in service to our clients. There is a strong bond and connection that we build, and it corresponds with our company motto that we are People First, Inc., where everything begins and ends with people.

So, what can we help you with today? The usual?

Barbara Flynn

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